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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 18, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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i'm in for bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops here. we are always, always looking we are always, always looking out for you. closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: the stock mar at the time takes a major nose dive. morgan stanley issues a dire warning for the u.s.. newt gingrich is here. >> with jobless claims on the rise, and the economy still unstable what does the president do? he heads to martha's vineyard. >> the congressional black caucus turns on the anointed one. >> unemployment an unconscionable. we don't know what his strategy is. >> sean: we'll debate the
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group's controversial remarks. >> time for our weekly edition of media mash. >> democrats say until perry came along they never thought they would meet a candidate who made the other republican candidates look responsible. >> sean: this week the obamamania media puts their spin on the race. we are on the road to 2012. hannity starts right now. with the stock market in another free fall and more terrible news on-the-jobs front today president obama went on vacation. this afternoon the dow closed down over 400 points, below the 11,000 mark. the sinking markets influenced by the labor department's an funsment americans piling for first time unemployment benefits -- rose unexpectedly last week. jumping over 400,000 again. the man with the so-called plan to turn around our slumping economy. he didn't flinch, as he encountered today's bumps in
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the road. down in his private jet, took a short flight to his vacation destination. don't get me wrong, none of this surprises me. over the last few days, president obama was warming up for his vacation on a taxpayer the midwest with on that trip he was very busy. he found time to enjoy cries seem cones, what else? time for fresh popcorn. and he was leaving a nice antique shop in iowa with what appears to be a purchase in hand. he was wowed by some prize winning cattle at a local farm show. don't think that he was enjoying all of the local delicacies. whether he's chowing down on break cast at the corner diner or testing fresh hot homemade apple pie, president obama was a busy man on his campaign swing through the midwest. from volleyball practice, football games, no sports field in iowa seemed to escape
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the an -- anointed one. after all of that hard work in light of the terrible day wall street had, who can blame him for needing take a break to martha's vineyard. joining me someone who is hoping to put president obama on a permanent vacation. newt gingrich is back with us. mr. speaker, welcome. >> good to be with you. >> sean: i think i changed -- >> go ahead. >> sean: no, go ahead, you wanted to say something. >> i was going to surprise you. i was going to agree with maxine waters. i think if you listen to the exact quote you had a minute ago, where she said this level of unemployment is unconscionable. and you think about african-american communities that have had 43% teenaged unemployment. she is right. the president ought to be in washington tonight with a brand new plan based on free markets and free enterprise
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and things that work. he ought to ask the congress to come in monday and pass that plan. this country is in real serious trouble. and we could find that our already in a depression at 9.2% unemployment, that we could be sliding over the next three months, deeper. that's why i think we need jobs now. we need a plan for jobs now. the president doesn't have one i would be glad to give him one, anybody who is watching can go to and will see specific proposals laid out. ronald reagan knew how to create jobs. when i was speaker, we got unemployment down to 4.2% with the right kind of changes, tax cuts, deregulation, welfare reform. i think the strategy is clear. you just have a president who can't bring himself to give up his fantasies of a bureaucratic socialism and class warfare somehow leading us to a promised land.
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it is turning out that promised land is unemployment and food stamps. >> sean: you know what is missing? i go back and look in the hannity household, you had to work. i was 12-years-old scrubbing pots, pants. as they were piling up, i got a sense of urgency to get them done and i moved. i was a chef when i was 13, same thing. a short order cook was more accurate. i was a bartender and the bar is six deep, service bar is busy, i had a sense it was time to move. light goes on in radio you gotta get it done. when i was in construction, you gotta get the job down. you -- job done. you work 18 hours a dame tears a missing sense of urgency. does that make sense -- >> i think there's a missing sense of urgency. there's this enormous dilemma. if you are a left wing intellectual, which is what
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obama is. you believe in a series of principles that don't work. he's been trying for 2 1/2 years now. i saw one reference that a democratic senator said the problem with thex(ipv stimulus package was it should be four times bigger, should be three trillion. i thought there is somebody who has no ability to deal with reality. and no understanding of the real world. that's the base of the modern left wing of the democratic party. it lives a fantasy life. now the fantasies have come crashing to ground. i think they don't toe what to do. i predict if he does -- does come up with some plan in early september it will be dramatically too small. they ought to repeal the dodd-frank bill killing the banking industry now. i met with people in the thai community, korean, chinese community, in every community jobs was the number one concern. in two of the three communities they thought the
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dodd-frank bill was killing local banks, small business, crippling the housing industry it would be easy to repeal it in a day or two. no house ran voted for it in the first round last year. they ought to repeal sarbanes-oxley then work on serious tax cuts. every place i go businesses tell me, small businesses tell me, they are being crushed by regulation. >> sean: maybe we are wrong. maybe we are being too harsh for the president to go to martha's vineyard. where the elite go -- he can't seem to make decisions while on the job. maybe a little rest and relaxation will help him. you are pointing out, 36%, this was out today, of michigan children live in jobless households, 36%. one in five children research study came out, now live in poverty in america. 15% of americans rely on food stamps. the president admits the
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housing market has no chance of rebounding until 2013. unemployment up 408,000 today. 10 days in martha's vineyard may give him the time to contemplate that socialist policies have failed. any chance of that? >> i don't know. hope springs eternal. the challenge he has is that everybody whose advice he speaks doesn't know anything about creating jobs. everybody who knows about creating jobs he won't listen to their advice. i don't know whether being willfully ignorant in hard that's vineyard is worse than being ignorant in the white house or on a bus tour. after all his talk about smaller vehicles he was in a giant heavy armored bus for the bus tour. it wasn't a prius, some kind of electric car he was in a gigantic vehicle that uses an enormous amount of fuel. mildly ironic.
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>> sean: he's touting u.s. job creation. a bus built canada. the president said this week, i reverse the recession until we hit bad . the bad luck being the japan earthquake and tsunami. being the arab spring. bad luck being the economic events in europe. and he is still calling for tax increases, because that's reasonable. and the republicans are unreasonable because they won't agree with raising taxes in the middle of a recession which he said was a bad idea himself. >> first, i think conservatives and republicans should say over and overagain, class warfare kills jobs. bureaucratic socialism kills jobs. if you are happy on food stamps and you don't expect to work the rest of your lifetime what obama is doing fine. if you would rather have a paycheck you have to go to a program that favors people who create jobs itch a program that lows people who know what they are doing -- doing run their own businesses.
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it is a very straightforward question. and i think he's failing. >> sean: mr. speaker we will see you at 9 latest in orlando for the next fox debate which is september 22nd. >> i'll see you long before then. >> sean: i bet you will. i'll see you in between. thanks for the fried twinkie. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up, as the economy teethers on the brink, president obama turns his attention to more important things like his vacation. we'll tell you why this could not come at a where is time for america. >> tune in tomorrow night for a special hannity investigation, as we expose tomorrow night the botched atf operation known as fast and furious. and we reveal names, who is to blame. straight ahead. ♪
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>> sean: earlier today morgan stanley put out all of the bad economic news into perspective. the company issued a dire warning saying the u.s. was hovering dangerously close to a recession. no one is saying the president should not take a vacation. but, is the timing of this martha's vineyard excursion appropriate? joining me chris hahn, co-host of the five, she deals with beckel five days a week, andrea tantaros.
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look at these numbers, america's satisfaction with the national conditions now 11%. the lowest since 1979. lower than 1979. remember that year? >> yeah. i know where you are going with that. >> sean: obama's approval rating on the economy is 26%. his overall approval rating is 39. he has a 54% disapproval rating. chris you have been in politics a long time. these numbers are disastrous. >> i'm glad it happened this year not next year. [ still has time to recover. i think he's got a lot of work to do and he's going to need cooperation from congress which he is not going to get. tea party theology. no taxing, never spending for anything other than defense and don't do anything that will help this president. >> sean: with all due respect they passed the plan kulongoski. they wouldn't look at it in
9:16 pm
the -- the plan cut, cap and balance they wouldn't look at it in white house. they passed the ryan plan. if the tea party's plan was passed, we couldn't have gotten downgraded. president downgrade did that to himself. >> i don't know about that. if the tea party wouldn't have played games with the debt ceiling and shown that they don't understand the debt ceiling we wouldn't have been downgraded. >> sean: the one that obama didn't vote for when george w. bush >> it is a game they play, and it shouldn't be played any more. >> getting back to the vacation. again, i don't think people begrudge him time off. you look at the data, he has gone less days than bush or clinton did. here's the issue, it is a bad visual and it is bad timing. does he have to go to a $50,000 a week martha's vineyard estate? if unemployment were at 4%, we wouldn't even be talking about this. >> well we would be talking
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about it. >> if he's not going to listen the big ticket items like obamacare, tone-deaf. needs a bionic hearing aid he is going to ignore them on this too. he's going to do what he wants. >> sean: this is important. she is dead right about being tone-deaf. for him to say i reversed the recession until bad luck hit. now he's going to blame the tsunami, earthquake and arab spring for his failed policies. it is not going to fly. the difference between clinton, we look at this, clinton shifted. clinton signed the third welfare reform bill that congress passed. clinton reversed course. clinton went along with the balanced budget plan to balance it in seven years that the republicans passed. the republicans are more fiscally conservative. this president cannot see through his -- >> there's a big difference between what clinton had and what obama has.
9:18 pm
clinton had a congress that was willing to work with him. this congress will not give him a victory no matter what. obama put big cuts on the tables. >> and they came back and he wanted tax increases. because he jumps when his base says jump. >> sean: he didn't put forward anything. we were asking and waiting and the country was begging for him to put his plan in writing. he never put his plan down. the republicans put their money where their mouth is. ryan plan, cut, cap and balance, dead on arrival. then they went along with a compromise. >> then offer something -- [ talking over each other ] >> i believe the president, with speaker boehner were negotiating on a grand bargain that would never have got finance through the house of representatives because of the theology of the tea party. >> sean: s&p said if you save four trillion, no downgrade. if i presented a plan andrea that can balance the budget in eight years that we will keep
9:19 pm
spending levels at 2011 levels. and cut 1% a year every year for six years. then cap spending two more years at 18%, historically what we spend gdp, would you support that? >> yes. >> sean: would you support that? >> i think i would. >> sean: that's call the connie mack-penny plan. you get me a list of democrats the next time you come that will support it. >> that is fair. even president clinton obama doesn't have the savvy he had. he signed into law a balanced budget act that is what clinton signed. hold on -- let me finish my point. he campaigned on balanced budget, obama did and broke his promise. he went out and had a bus tour with no plan. which is just a joke. that he would go out a bus tour with no plan. then he says i'm going away and offering a plan with no
9:20 pm
spending. >> as i said publicly and privately, clinton the greatest president of our lifetime. >> that's not saying a lot for president obama. >> sean: i did not have sex with that woman, not a single time. >> i didn't inhale. >> what does that have to do with how great he was as president. >> let's not get carried away. >> sean: a real class act. newt gingrich and the republicans saved the country. >> reagan didn't do it [ talking over each other ] >> sean: if obama would listen to the republicans would it save him. [ talking over each other ] >> obama put a big deal on the table and they shot it down because they don't want to give him the victory. a different republican party. >> even the democrats won't come onboard with what obama is propose .
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>> sean: there's one thing in america that may be falling faster than the dow. the president's approval rating. the congressional black caucus delivered bad news. they are fed up with his leadership. california congresswoman maxine waters. >> we want to give him every opportunity. but our people are hurting. unemployment is unconscionable. we don't know what his strategy is. we don't know why on this trip that he's in the united states now he's not in the black communities, we don't know that. >> sean: this leads to a larger question. is it just the cbc unhappy or the african community at large that has had enough? allen west gave his reading of the situation. >> enough 21st century plantation that has been out there. where the democrat party has forever taken the black vote for granted. you have established black leaders who are nothing more than the overseers of that
9:26 pm
plantation. now the people on that plantation are upset, because they've been disregarded, disrespected and their concerns are not cared about. i'm here as the modern day harriet tubman to lead people on the underground railroad away interest that plantation. >> sean: joining me with reaction spokesman for the congress of racial equality nigel innis and jehmu green. thanks for being here. jehmu those are harsh words from maxine waters. she is asking for permission from people at this town hall to confront barack obama and why didn't barack obama go into the black community on this tour of his and ask him what is going on here? >> well, i absolutely agree with representative waters. but the unemployment rate in the black community is unconscionable. i heard newt gingrich agree with her as well.
9:27 pm
i have to say it is a bit of a hot mess when a member of congress is saying they need permission from their constituents to hold the white house accountable. i remember back in the inauguration when president obama inspired me the most is when he gave a speech to all of his base communities. he said you have to hold me accountable. i have a problem with waters' statement there and some of the things we've heard from al sharpton, as far as we can't criticize the president. the reality is, from day one the president has been making sure he is doing everything he can to increase jobs for all americans. he knows he's not going to be happy until we see these numbers going down. it is 16% isn't good. the fact that it decreased in the last month is a good start. but we have a lot of work left to be done. >> sean: maxine waters said the unemployment rate for african-americans nationally 16%, almost twice that in
9:28 pm
detroit. she said the president's trip in the midwest didn't include any stops in the black community. we look at the demographics the african-american community voted 90% plus for barack obama. >> you can see his approval rating dropping dramatically. most dramatically in the african-american community and latino community. the reason is clear. yes, 16% unemployment in the black community. for black youth 40%. in big cities like detroit, 20% unemployment. obama his imposition of european style socialism is not working for african-americans, latinos. and calf can americans, brother allen west if he's harriet tubman, i'm nat turner in liberating blackolk from the democratic party knowing they have a choice and the world could be better. >> sean: when maxine waters says, that we're getting tired,
9:29 pm
we need to know he's prepared to lead. we want to give him every opportunity. the unemployment rate is unconscionable. i don't normally agree politically. all of these things are true. the problem is, that the president doesn't seem to have any answers. he's told us how many times that he's going to focus on jobs. >> he keeps saying that -- i'm sorry. >> he does have answers. i think -- >> sean: what are the answers? why hasn't he given us the answer up to now? why are we waiting three years? >> he's working on -- >> sean: working on -- what is it? >> earned income tax credit we saw with the stimulus 44% of african-americans families benefited from that. >> sean: wait, he's working, i don't want to hear this. what has he done? he's had three years. >> allen west saying that he is harriet tubman. no, first of all, allen west
9:30 pm
saying he is harriet tubman is laughable. >> sean: forget him. i want to know, what has he done for three years that we can say has been good, not just for the african-american community nigel but for the country, what has he done? >> i can tell you what he has done. he has unleashed epa and other regulatory bodies to do what he couldn't get done through legislation and raise the cost of energy which is disproportionately going to hurt african-american and latino families. he's stifling economic growth. he is killing jobs. he is a disaster. he's pursuing a radical environmentalist and european socialist agenda that is not working for african-americans and latinos and they have no know they have a choice. >> sean: america is watching history now, he has fail the country in his mission to fix the economic mess as he said
9:31 pm
during the campaign the worst economy since the great depression. he's failed. now he's going to -- >> sean, there's a particular bitter irony. hold on jehmu. we've made progress as a people, as a country in terms of -- >> i've let you talk i think it is time for you to let -- >> we've had equal time. i want to say this clearly. >> clear -- i want to say this quickly. >> all of the push-back he gets from the republicans -- >> two years -- >> balance the -- [ talking over each other ] >> his programs have failed. jehmu, his perhaps have failed. the stimulus only stimulated chris matthews' leg. >> sean: what does the anointed one need to do to make sure he won't lose the oval office in 2012?
9:32 pm
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>> sean: welcome to a new edition of media mash this week the news networks welcomed rick perry to the race with bachmann-like bashing. here to help us point out the most outrageous examples the president of the media research center brent bozell. welcome back. >> how are you? >> sean: good. the networks welcome perry to the race, bachmann-style. let's roll the tape. >> rick perry comes out swinging and talking and the white house tells him to watch what he says. >> democrats say until perry came along they never thought they would meet a candidate who made the other republican candidates look responsible.
9:37 pm
>> perry does not care about the overwhelming scientific evidence that global warming is largely produced by humans burning fossil fuel. >> when proponents of job are accusing perry of being shallow, -- >> sean: of course chris makes a bull connor comparison. putting that aside. welcome to the world of mainstream media fairness. [ laughing ] >> at least you and i warned them that it was going to happen. he's been on the stage for five minutes. already the media have concluded he's irresponsible, rude shallow, misguided, idiot. in other words he's a conservative. it is the michelle bachmann treatment. the sarah palin treatment. the eric cantor treatment. jim demint treatment. ronald reagan treatment. anyone who is a threat to their order in washington, d.c. is going to be treated this way. i think rick perry should be
9:38 pm
feeling good. this means he's scoring points. >> sean: let's watch cbs trying to tear down the texas miracle and call it a texas tragedy. then cbs in a report they gave in june where they were praising the great things happening in texas. watch this. >> perry's bedrock pledge to never raise taxes also had a reckoning this year. when his budget faced a 27 billion dollar shortfall. with taxes not an option, the state cut deeply into health care. so deeply into education, some 49,000 teachers are being laid off. do you see a texas miracle? >> no. i see a texas tragedy. >> while the nation as a whole struggles the dallas area economy keeps growing. adding jobs faster than any other area in the country. businesses like gm are growing. other companies are relocating attracted by lower taxes and what many consider a
9:39 pm
business-friendly atmosphere. >> sean: wow, june to august, a lot changed. >> on june 2nd >> sean: the second was the june 2nd one. >> yeah. they thought it was the greatest possible thing. it is interesting. in the last week "the new york times", cnn and cbs have all run major stories saying it really isn't that good in texas. the biggest jobs creator in america really isn't that successful. "the new york times" said he stumbled into the texas miracle. they just won't give him credit. if you are going to take a scalpel to jobs creators or alleged jobs creators where is that scalpel on barack obama? >> sean: here's the bashing of perry and praising of obama. this is where america gets its news, well some people in
9:40 pm
lower, numbers every week. >> how does the president get this excitement going again surrounding his reelection bid so he can keep this office? >> if you reelect, the last time elected you got sasha and milia, a cute puppy. what are you going to get them the next time? >> whatsm&= shape is barack obaa in? >> i think he's in good shape. people have an attachment to him because he was out here. i think people have a fondness for him. i don't think people blame him for anything that is wrong in this country. i think far right of the republican party does. i don't think the moderates do and certainly the democrats don't. >> sean: has he read any independent polls lately? >> let's repeat that line from the former president of in bc news. i don't think people blame him for anything wrong in this country -- in this country except for the far right republicans. mr. gardner, memo, the polls show 71% of americans are
9:41 pm
blaming him for the economy this is what you are saying. wolf blitzer bringing out the puppies and the kids this is media manipulation. they have the defibrillators out because they have to jumpstart the campaign. >> sean: our last tape for the night. the outgoing cnn executive, on with howie kurtz sees too much balance on cnn and msnbc. way too much balance there. roll this tape. >> isn't there already a liberal -- liberal commentary network? do you see curran taking viewers? >> i see us taking viewers from them both. we see at msnbc and even at cnn as well. there's almost this false equivalency where everything is a minute on this opinion and then a minute counter opinion. by default it is like the program we had here crossfire.
9:42 pm
too much yelling and shouting for the appearance of balance. >> sean: huh? >> he went on to say, there's a lot of time on radio and television and on the web that actually goes to conservative points of view. there's not a lot of time for the left on television this is a man who has again from cnn to currant tv. -- to current tv. these people are living in a different world in a different universe. they are not seeing the world for what it is. that's why they are in last place. >> sean: well said. brent bozell, appreciate you being here. >> let not your heart be troubled. our great, great, great american panel, next. hey krystal. we're going to head on into the interview. krystal. . . krystal . . . what lead to your decision to go with the fusion? i just keep on going back to looks; it's a great looking car. how do your co-workers feel about your decision?
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they were the ones who were against ford. they were like they're a truck company. for the most part i am pretty sure i have changed most everyone's mind. krystal, you seem pretty comfortable up there, are you sure you haven't done this before? umm. . . i did 8th grade telecommunications class.
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9:47 pm
wrong. you sat in the wrong seats. communications director for the republican national committee doug heye is here. my next guest is the best seller james michael pratt is here. and she worked on several campaigns for the democrats that include al gore and frank law tenberg. my s. -- >> sean: not only one of the meanest campaigns we've seen. the left is going nuts. they are about to lose the white house. probably both houses of congress. janine garofalo, listen to this madness. >> in this presidential race, because he deflects the racism that is inherent in the republican party, the conservative movement, the tea party certainly and the last 30 years the republican party
9:48 pm
has been moving more and more to the right, also race baiting more, gay baiting more, religion baiting more. herman cain i feel is being paid by somebody to be involved and to run for president so that you go, they can't be racist, it is a black guy asking for obama to be impeached. or a black guy who is anti-muslim or a tea party guy. >> sean: unhinged. she guess on to suggest that women and people of color in the republican party -- are either paid well or have the stockholm syndrome. palin and bachmann are self-loathing and the tea party is so obviously racist. your friends, your party. >> i think she was over-the-top. >> sean: you think she was over-the-top? >> i do. don't lump me in with her. she is over-the-top. i have questions about herman cain the fact that he is going after mormons, muslims. >> sean: he clarified that statement. but the left didn't want to
9:49 pm
hear that. >> i watched that debate carefully. he said there are people in atlanta that have questions about romney's religion that is unsettled. >> sean: i don't like bringing up anybody's religion. >> i don't either. >> sean: stick with garofalo this is a really twisted, sick narrative. that is now being advanced by the left. they want to kill romney, the politico. suggesting any and everything about governor perry in the short time that he's in the race, less than a week. >> it is totally legal to say stupid things but ineffective. i have to agree with you, i listen to your radio show all the time. it going to be a landslide if they keep this up. they are shooting themselves in the foot. although they are probably preaching to their own choir. the stupidity of some of the statements off the chart. >> sean: breathtaking. >> it is >> i love democrats talking about race baiting. steny hoyer called michael steele in 2006, slavish to the
9:50 pm
republican party. harry reid said that barack obama is -- >> sean: articulate. that was the vice president. >> harry reid said he didn't have a negro dialect that was acceptable. when the democrats do this they are patted on the back, no big deal. just joe being joe. that's why republicans need to keep pushing back and hammering home on these issues. you brought up maxine waters earlier and what barack obama is trying to do. john boehner is the one who is continuing this fight on opportunity scholarships for 1700 largely african-american low income kids in washington, d.c. that barack obama has abandoned -- >> sean: lyndon johnson needed the republican party for the civil rights act and voting rights act. how did we get to the point that the democratic party is the party of african-americans and minorities and women? 16% unlimb in the african-american community, 16%. -- 7% above the national
9:51 pm
average what has barack obama done for the african-american community? >> wasn't that much better under the bush administration. yes he needs to do more. >> sean: maxine waters right? >> i think she has a point. the president has not fought hard enough for his principles. >> sean: what the principles more spending? >> we can disagree those principles. i think he needed a bigger stimulus. >> sean: double down? >> i think it could have been much worse. [ talking over each other ] >> i'm from los angeles, i was there the day the -- the whole thing that created the rodney king fiascoes. i was glad i want on camera. nothing has changed in 20, 30 years. >> sean: what do you moon by that? >> you can infuse all the money you want into certain inner city type programs with all of this concept that you are doing some good for people, train them to get jobs or entitle them to be able to
9:52 pm
take care of their feeds. >> sean: we'll continue more with our great, great american panel, right after the break. i have copd. if you have it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and what that fes like copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms... keepinmy airways open... ...a full 24 hours.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel.
9:56 pm
is this retaliation? the justice department is investigating whether standard & poor's improperly rated dozens of securities in the years leading up to the financial crisis? this couldn't possibly be connected to the recent downgrade as punishment? >> downgrade came after justice department started investigating. >> sean: you don't think there's a connection? >> i think there's two things. absolute a connection that standard & poor's is trying to protect itself by retaliating against the justice department. >> sean: why would you retaliate again the justice department? >> because the justice department is investigating you retaliateing by trying to take down this administration. >> sean: you think -- [ talking over each other ] >> i wrote an article about in two years ago. i think standard & poor's was
9:57 pm
paid to rate a bunk of junk bonds by the same wall street instruments trying to peddle -- >> sean: chicago wayway. >> david asman an guess with me. -- agrees with me. >> everything they've done for the entire three years has been political. one example that exemplifies everything. we were promised the most honest, open transparent administration in history. we see they cross the street and go to 1700 pennsylvania avenue and voila! no longer white house meeting and we don't know about it. the people who voted registered to vote for the first time voted for barack obama. believed the change he promised and it hadn't been delivered. that's why his numbers are falling. >> how is that relevant to the fact that standard & poor's got paid by the same products hose products they were rating -- [ talking over each other ]
9:58 pm
>> you are defending these rating agencies? >> sean: i'm looking objectively. we cannot survive as a country when we borrow 40 cents of every dollar we . unbarack obama take the worst year of the bush debt, 400 billion dollars, this year 1.65 trillion, four times, the biggest debt, the biggest accumulation, hang on we gotta get everybody else in. we can't survive. of course our credit rating is going to go down. >> i'm a party person. you can't sign up but -- i'm a tea party person. you can't sign up but you can hold up a sign many people are upset because they can add and subtract. i think there were three plans presented in congress. you still don't have a plan. maybe we'll have a in september. it comes down to trust. if you don't have trust, you don't have capital. it is going to end.
9:59 pm
>> sean: another topic, ron paul full page ad in a locally week fully austin seeking any stripper, escort or young hottie who has slept with rick perry. a sign of things to come? >> i hope not because that is disgusting. that's ridiculous, come on. >> there's an old line from fat albert, no class. >> hey, hey, hey! >> i think this is a fun exercise we are seeing a group of candidates that we were told were marginal at best. we were told by the left. and the democrats they don't have anybody to put up. >> sean: you support ron paul? >> he can add and subtract. >> sean: he's good on economic issues. on foreign policy, i can't agree with him. all right guys good to see you


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